Harvester™ Water Purification System

The Harvester™ Water Purification System is designed to purify water from wells, ponds, streams or rainwater. The mobile unit provides clean drinking water anywhere, anytime with 250-750 gallons per day capacity in lower sun climates and as much as 3000 gallons per day in high sun climates.




  • Portable water filtration system
  • Powered by renewable solar energy
  • Requires no gasoline or other fuels
  • Powerful enough to provide up to 3000 gallons of safe, clean drinking water in one day (with 240 watts of solar)
  • Three stage filtration: 5 micron particle filter, carbon filter, and UV lamp with 38 mJ/cm2 dosage
  • Ideal for areas with little or no power sources and poor water quality

 Important Notice Regarding Availability of Harvesters

SolarOne now builds Harvesters on a reservation basis, first come, first serve. For schedule details or to reserve your unit, please go to our Reservation Page.