SolarOne® Lighting Systems

Street and Area Lighting
SOLO Pathway Lighting - The Solo platform is SolarOne’s answer to the need for simplicity, aesthetics and affordability in a solar powered lighting system. 
Shoebox Series/Essentials Series - SolarOne’s Essentials Series and original Shoebox Series have been merged into a single flexible offering (LOES), featuring our new SO-Bright® UCD Driver and K48 LED Engine.
Shelter Lighting
The NEW Led Shelter-Lighting Kit (LSK) integrated solar-power and lighting package mounts to the ceiling of most outdoor shelters. 
   The compact LED Canopy fixture (LCS) can be configured with one or multiple fixtures to provide lighting for a wide range of scenarios, from bus shelters to picnic areas.
  SolarOne's Back-Lighting Kit (BLK) is designed to provide bright and uniform solar-powered lighting to your display advertising.
Landscape Lighting
  SolarOne’s 24W LED Solar Flag and Landscape Mini-Flood (LMF) lighting fixtures are available with a wide beam pattern suitable for sign or monument lighting and in a narrow beam pattern recommended for flag lighting or accent lighting.
SO-Bright® Certified Partner Products
SO-Bright® Technology is offered for luminaires from the finest manufacturers. 


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