SO-Bright® Technology




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SolarOne's own patent pending SO-Bright® Technology (formerly mc2)  includes White LED Lamps, a Constant Current LED Lamp Driver, an Intelligent System Manager, and IR Remote Control. This microprocessor-based system effectively manages the complex balance between key components in an autonomous solar powered light. Our lamps use state-of-the art, high-brightness, white LEDs and are driven using a constant-current method which offers high efficiency and precise control of light levels.

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The result translates into greater versatility in terms of light placement, solar panel size, and system reliability and allows SolarOne to deliver custom and semi-custom systems to meet your exact needs.

You can control the hours and levels of lighting without ever opening the battery enclosure.  Just use the SO-Bright® remote control to fine tune your system.  Use the Standard Profiles below or develop your own.

Motion Detectors can be used to provide peak lighting levels during off peak hours.


Standard Lighting Profiles set peak and off peak lighting levels after dusk and before dawn.  Using the SO-Bright® controller, there is no clock or timer to reset or maintain.