Powered Street Lighting

We're saving our customers millions in trenching and wiring costs.



off-grid solar powered lighting, roadways, greenways and parking lots.



Save Money

Eliminate the cost of trenching, wiring, switch-gear and soil remediation.

Stop Vandalism

Solar Lighting can protect you from copper wire theft. Added features can provide graffiti, break-in and  damage protection.

Say Good-Bye to Emissions

With our solar lighting systems, you can add illumination without adding CO    emissions


Save Time

Easy design and fast installation save you time. Our lights are up and running the day you install them.

Avoid Maintenance

No scheduled maintenance on equipment for 10+ years with LFP Batteries.

Prepare for the Future

Solar lighting provides lighting & increases safety during grid-power outages. Some configurations are flood tolerant too. 



Design Platform

Self-Contained Design Solar Light poles generate their own energy. Premium aesthetics, Easy Install and Exceptional Vandal Resistance.

Performance Platform

Traditional Performance Solar Street Lighting Systems are configured to maximize power. They offer value solutions for smaller applications and are ideal where higher power is needed.


Off-Grid Solar Lighting is ideal for any commercial lighting projects where trenching and wiring costs are high or where

access is limited.

These include pathways, residential streets,

parking lots, roadways and shelters. 





Complete pre-configured systems designed for our most popular solar lighting applications

Custom Configured

SolarOne Configures Luminaires, Enclosures and Solar Sub Assemblies to meet your preferences and performance requirements

Engineered Solutions 

Specialized solar solutions for

off-grid applications and

OEM Products