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Browse our Luminaires, Solar Panel Assemblies and Enclosures. Find one you like? Click on the product page to fill out a short questionnaire and one of our Solar Lighting Specialists will direct you towards a complete Solar Lighting System that fits your exact needs. SolarOne solar lighting systems are the most efficient, flexible and reliable systems available today. Configured from the ground up for your project location and your requirements, you can feel confident that your system will serve you or your clients for years to come. 




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Poles are an important part of your system, adding to the durability, safety and appearance of your project. SolarOne offers steel poles as well as a number of alternative materials.

At SolarOne, we know that details matter.  Our poles are provisioned for wireways and mounting at the factory, avoiding added installation time for field drilling and avoiding the risk of opening up the finish to corrosion.  Your solar lighting system can last for 20 years or more, so it's important to select a quality pole as well.
Our standard pole offering is a galvanized, powder-coated, round steel pole, selected for strength and durability.  We also supply other materials. For some applications, a different material may save you time, money or both.  Just ask your solar lighting specialist if you would like to consider an alternative.
Whichever material you prefer, we always keep safety in mind.  Your pole will be selected to meet the requirements of your wind zone or guidelines, taking into consideration the added weight and area of the solar assembly.


Wood utility poles make sturdy supports for solar lighting systems. If specifying or installing you will need to plan for external conduit and you may need to request modified mounting hardware from SolarOne. Decorative wood poles are available on a custom basis for a unique, rustic look.


Concrete direct burial poles are a favorite in high wind areas like Florida. They can be provisioned for solar assemblies and, of course, never rust. The material cost is very low, but the weight of the pole can drive shipping and handling costs up.


Several of our SO-Bright® Partners specialize in decorative aluminum poles as well as unique solar panel mountings. Adding a decorative base or fluted pole can create a distinctive new look for your solar lighting project. Decorative steel poles are also available on a special order basis.


Our standard pole offering is a galvanized and powdercoated round straight steel anchor base pole. We include provisioning, anchor bolts, template and a base cover unless otherwise noted. Tell your representative if you would like something different. Steel has been traditionally used for assemblies with a high wind load. Although steel poles typically use anchor bases, they can be provided for direct burial (using a rubberized shaft below ground).


Aluminum poles provide a professional look with a natural satin brushed finish or you can add a powder-coat finish. These poles provide a particularly good solution for pedestrian lighting where mounting heights are low and the solar panels are a bit smaller. Because of their corrosion resistance, they work well for direct burial installations. For very large systems, an aluminum pole may be cost prohibitive or not available.

Composite AKA Fiberglass Poles

Our composite poles are manufactured on computer controlled equipment to individual specifications using filament wound technology. Strict control of glass fiber and resin ensures consistent identical products. Resin is pigmented and fortified with ultraviolet inhibitors to produce a long-lasting, reliable product. Fiberglass poles are often selected because they are light and immune to corrosion. Poles are available in either anchor base or direct burial design and can be used in high wind areas.

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