SolarOne offers a wide range of solar lighting solutions incorporating its own fixtures and quality fixtures from some of the finest lighting manufacturers in the world. That being said, some of our clients have solar powered lighting or other off-grid needs that just can't be met with standard products.

We may be able to provide a custom package to accommodate your needs. In some cases, we can recommend pre-qualified LED engines without a significant investment in design time. Our most successful custom projects are the result of addressing the lighting objectives of a project rather than powering pre-selected components that may or may not optimize solar power.

In other cases, development of a solution may require engineering services and materials for qualification and testing. In this case, you will be provided with a rough estimate of feasibility, the scope of the expected system cost and of the time and material fees required to develop a proposal. At this point, you may choose to commission the proposal or to defer to a standard offering.

Off-Grid Engineered Solutions

If you are considering a custom solar lighting project, here are some things to consider:

Can you provide electrical specifications of the equipment that you would like to use?

If you have a light source in mind, can you access technical specifications?

Have you specified a light source or are you open to suggestions?

Can dual light levels or reduced power levels be used in off-peak hours in order to minimize energy use and costs?

Do you have a rough estimate of the draw you will require?

At what time(s) of day will power be required?

What is the geographic location of the project?

What are the dimensions of the target object or area?

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