How To Specify Solar Lighting

Because SolarOne understands that your customer’s requirements and budget are important to you, we configure most of our systems to meet the needs of your project.  We believe that a “one-size fits all approach” adds costs by including expensive excess capacity or might leave you with a marginal solution at the extremes of one solar zone or another.

In many ways, planning a solar lighting project is similar to planning any other outdoor lighting project.  You will want to select luminaires, design a layout that meets lighting criteria, and specify luminaire performance.  Supplying your lights with solar power introduces some new considerations as well.Before you start this process, it is worthwhile to get a good idea of site conditions and the objectives of the project.

Sizing and reporting solar powered lighting performance relies on historical databases and methods developed by various organizations over the past couple of decades and include a fair amount of judgment and experience supplied by the manufacturer.  For this reason, it may be hard to compare offers.

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