Integra Family

Integra 300

Integra 140


See solar street lighting in a whole new way. 


The Integra creates a sleek, vertical profile with a polished panel that is integrated on the pole.

The Integra takes wrapped pole technology to a new level. 


The new high-efficiency CIGS  (copper indium gallium selenide) thin film solar panels make the Integra more powerful than ever.

We offer robust battery options too, including a new higher capacity 2.4 Kwh Lithium Ion pack to power higher loads. 


These packs are designed to take the heat and deliver 10 years or more of reliable service.

Whether you are attracted to the Integra's polished appearance, its vandal resistance or its reliability, the Integra 300 is a great way to reduce trenching and wiring cost too.

Luminaire Options

Delivers the light you need with a choice of luminaires

Five-Year System Warranty

CIGS solar module meets or beats silicon solar efficiency

Wrapped panel design creates an aesthetic appearance, reduces wind load, simplifies installation and discourages vandalism

Controls and batteries safely stored in the bole base compartment - Reduces maintenance and equipment cost.

A choice of battery chemistry ensures performance in extreme temperatures.  LFP batteries include a five year full replacement warranty.

Programmable profiles and anti-blackout protection provide superior reliability

Cast door and licensed security bit system protect your system from vandalism or theft

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