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Our mission is to make solar street lighting the first choice for outdoor public lighting based on its value and efficacy.  To do this we need to build on the superior value of SmartLight to develop our performance and competitiveness. 

To support that mission, SolarOne will no longer accept orders for our legacy Performance Series products as of July 30th and is discontinuing the Integra Series. 

This singular focus will deliver greater economies, greater support, and greater success in transforming the outdoor lighting industry.

If you have any questions, issues, or feedback, please contact us.

Design Platform & Integra

The following products are discontinued.  As an alternative to vertical mast systems, we hope you'll check out the SmartLight.  We've eliminated the bulky pole mounted battery enclosure of the past, without losing the power and performance of a flat panel system.

  • Vertical Wrap 144 (VW144)

  • Vertical Wrap 158 (VW158)

  • Inovus Design Pole

  • Urban Spark

  • City Post Design 140

  • RFS Design 158

  • RFM Design 275

  • SO-Simple ...Design

  • Integra

Performance Platform

The SmartLight transforms traditional solar lighting with its unique Power 365 Technology and compact battery footprint.  Its standardized design and scale give us the ability to offer the most advanced commercial solar lighting at affordable prices. The following products are replaced with the SmartLight and Power 365 Technology.

  • SO-Simple Performance Products

  • RFS ...Performance

  • RFM...Performance

  • Custom Configured Performance Products

Display, Floodlighting and Shelter Lighting

Standard specialty solar lighting is discontinued.  Business development and large projects will be considered on a case by case basis. Send SolarOne a message to learn more.

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