Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Solar Lighting for Parking Lots is Tried and True

Our first LED solar lighting project was installed at Sandia National Labs in 2006 and is still in operation, along with 10 additional parking lot projects installed at the site over the past 12 years.  Off-grid Parking Lot lighting is especially attractive for: 

  • New Park and Ride Lots where electrical isn’t nearby 

  • Parks and Reserves

  • Schools with paved lots and little or no existing lighting 

  • Temporary Lots 

Solar powered area lights provide effective solutions for a wide range of facility challenges.  

  • Aging underground infrastructure           

  • Paved parking areas in need of lighting                 

  • Trenching challenges including permitting, wetlands, bedrock   

  • Sustainability, Net Zero CO2 or LEED Targets

  • Overflow parking needs in areas without infrastructure

Providing commercial solar parking lot lighting can enhance safety, encourage retail traffic and reduce liability.

Easy to install Solar Lighting avoids design work, trenching and re-striping.

Cut Trenching and Wiring Cost | Provide Lighting During Power Outages

Avoid Emissions 

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Quality solar LED parking lot lighting will give an old storefront a bright and new look. It will catch a potential customer’s eye and make them want to come in and check out the store.


Off-grid lighting will project a positive, progressive image to potential customers.

Emergency Services

Communities are taking advantage of the inherent resiliency of solar street lights to provide outdoor lighting for public service buildings and shelter locations. 

The lights are flood tolerant and illuminate critical areas during power outages.

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Municipalities across the world are embracing and promotion renewable energy.  Solar lighting is a great way to lead by example and save money.

Commercial grade solar street lights like the Smartlight, provide exceptional uniformity and plenty of light for public parking.

Federal Facilities

Federal Facilities, like military facilities, need to meet energy mandates and often turn to solar lighting.  Many of them have aging infrastructure that could require costly trenching and repairs. 


Solar lighting is a perfect alternative.

Have a parking lot or area lighting project?

Our team of solar lighting specialists are ready to help.  To build a custom proposal we will:

  • Evaluate your needs and preferences

  • Provide an energy analysis

  • Complete a lighting design & rendering

  • Provide a summary proposal

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