Pedestrian & Bike Path Lighting

Public Pathways, Bike Trails, Rails to Trails, Parks and Campus Sidewalks
Communities are creating pedestrian pathways and bikeways to promote public health, reduce traffic, and provide recreation.  Many use solar lighting because of the extensive trenching required for electrical hook-up.  For rail-to-trail projects, avoided trenching also equals avoided soil remediation costs. Whether you are planning an ambitious regional trail system or are addressing a citizen complaint about a dark stretch of sidewalk, solar lighting can provide a speedy, sustainable, cost effective solution.
Avoid Trenching and Wiring |"Neighbor Friendly" Lighting | Eliminate Remediation Cost | Choice of Color Temperatures
Meet IES Guidelines All Year Long | Use Motion Sensing and Wireless Strategies to Further Reduce Project Cost

SO-Simple Pre-Configured Systems for Pedestrian and Bike Paths

Middle Park Fitness Trail

Solar Powered Lighting for Fitness Trail