SO-Simple Systems

The SO-Simple Collection includes pre-configured solar lighting systems optimized for our most popular municipal and commercial solar lighting applications.  Options include both Design Series selections (Wrapped Solar Poles) and Performance Series (Traditional Flat Panel) selections for bikeways, walkways, residential streets, parking lots and roadways.  
If you can't find what you need here, visit our Custom Configured Collection. 

Custom Configured

Using our Luminaire, Enclosure and Solar Assemblies, SolarOne will configure solar lighting systems sized to exactly fit your lighting requirements. 
Select your luminaire and tell us about your project location and preferences for performance, enclosure style and mounting type.  We'll do the rest.

Engineered Solutions

SolarOne offers a wide range of solar lighting solutions incorporating its own fixtures and quality fixtures from some of the finest lighting manufacturers in the world.  That being said, some of our clients have solar powered lighting or other off-grid needs that just can’t be met with standard products. 
SolarOne's application engineers are experts in providing specialized systems and high power lighting solutions.
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