The Urban Spark gives municipal solar lighting a fresh, contemporary look. Like all of our Design Platform products the solar panels are integrated into the system to keep bulky mounts and enclosures out of sight. The Halo configuration is ideal for pathways, parks and plazas.  The Avenue features more power and a higher mounting height for streets and commercial walkways.

High efficiency solar modules deliver 16.4% efficiency. This means you get more power collection in a smaller area. The LFP batteries have high heat tolerance and can be deeply discharged without compromising battery life.


Lighting profiles are adjustable and SolarOne will provide a recommendation based on your project's geographic location.

Halo & Avenue Urban Spark SOUS - Contemporary Self-Contained Solar Light

  • Financial Benefits

    • No trenching or wiring costs
    • No soil remediation
    • Fast and Easy to install


    Community Benefits

    • Uninterrupted lighting during power outages
    • No bulky panels and enclosures
    • Carbon-Free


    Technology Advantages

    • High Efficiency Mono-Crystalline Panels
    • Run Time Extension
    • Low Wind Resistance




  • Applications      

    Walkways, Bike Paths, Plazas


    Distribution Types          

    • Halo -  Type 5 Short
    • Avenue - Type 2 Short


    Color Temperature

    • Halo – 4000K; CRI>70    
    • Avenue - 5000K; CRI>70


    Lumen Range    

    • Halo – 25W – 2,500 Lumens
    • Avenue – 44W – 6,000 Lumens


    Mounting Height             

    • Halo – 14’6”
    • Avenue - 19'7"


    Battery Type     

    Long-Life, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)


    Finish (Standard Color)

    Grey - RAL 7043



    5 Year System – 5 Year Battery

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