The EcoForm Wildlife should be used for solar lighting in turtle-friendly or other wildlife protected areas.  With Florida Wildlife Certification (FWC), you can be sure that your solar lighting project will meet environmental requirements.  The luminaire features, "narrow band" amber leds, not just "yellow" light.  It also comes with external shields for all four sides of the luminaire.

EcoForm Wildlife FWC


Turtle-Friendly Walkways and Parking Areas


Distribution Types

IES Types 2, 3, 4, 5, 5W

Note: DC Powered fixtures operate at drive currents of 350mA and 700mA.  Please follow these instructions for using Philips ECF IES files.


Color Temperature

Narrow Spectrum Amber - Dominant wave length 596nm (601nm Peak)


Lumen Range

595 - 3085 lumens


Finish (Standard Color)

Black, Dark Bronze or White



Includes slip-fitter adapter for 2.38" OD arms


EcoForm IES Files and Datasheets