The Integra 300 offers solar lighting in a beautiful and vandal resistant package.  No bulky panels, no external battery box and no trenching and wiring.  This system is offered in a long life Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery version or in an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery version.  


LFP is ideal for temperate and hot climates, while the AGM system provides great performance in extreme cold and temperate climates.  CIGs panels provide a polished appearance and powerful performance.  Their efficiency rivals high-efficiency silicon panels.

Integra 300

  • Pole Height  27'7"
    Mounting Height  30'
    Round Tapered Aluminum Pole    Polyester Powder Coated | 10"OD x 6' Base Enclosure tapers to 7" OD shaft
    Voltage    24V
    Charging Temperature  32°F (0°C) LFP | – 5°F (-15°C) AGM
    System Warranty    5 years (Pro-rated Battery Replacement)


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