The RFM Performance Pro 190 has a sleek base for its batteries and controls.Our SO-Bright® MPT-15 Controller gives you programming choices, RTE battery protection and on-board diagnostics.


The maximum power tracking function will give you a big boost in power too.


Both AGM and LFP Battery configurations are available. AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are provided for effective charging in below freezing climates.  LFP Batteries have a high temperature tolerance and exceptional battery life.


RFS / RFM Performance PRO 190 AGM / LFP

Financial Benefits

  • No trenching or wiring costs
  • No soil remediation
  • Fast and Easy to install


Community Benefits

  • Uninterrupted lighting during power outages
  • No bulky enclosures
  • Carbon-Free


Technology Advantages

  • Vandal proof features
  • Advanced SO-Bright MPT Controls
  • Hidden battery compartment