The PVI Enclosure is a specialty, integrated power center that mounts to the top of our custom configured pedestrian solar lighting.  Its clean appearance has the practical benefit of being flood tolerant.


PVi Integrated Power Center

SolarOne’s PVi Series Power Centers mount to the top of a light pole.  These assemblies include a Solar Panel Tray, Battery Storage Compartments, Slipfitter, and an MPT Controller.  The power center comes with all of the hardware, wiring, and any circuit protection required for your solar lighting system. The PVi provides easy installation with a pre-set tilt angle and 360 degree rotation.  Like all of SolarOne’s systems, these power centers use SO-Bright® control technology with a Maximum Power Point Tracking charging circuit, advanced energy management features for the lights and remote control testing and programming. Enclosures are constructed from aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

(Minimum order quantity of five units)