RFM Design 275 LFP

If elegance is a priority, the RFM Design 275 LFP system delivers the ultimate value. The patented approach to adhering the solar skin to the surface of the pole creates best in class aesthetics and maximizes wind load rating. All components are integrated inside a secured compartment within the base of the pole. Without bulky panels and enclosures, this solar lighting system is easier to install than a traditional street light. The RFM Design 275 LFP is a simple solution for parking lots and roadways. You will get years of reliable lighting backed by a 10-year system and 10-year battery warranty. 


The RFM Design 275 LFP is about more than aesthetics: 

  • Graffiti washes off the ETFE coating on the collector with soap and water. 
  • The battery compartment is protected with a high security bolt system. 
  • Since the collector doesn't use crystalline cells, it can literally take a beating.