RFM Performance 190 AGM / LFP

The RFM Performance 190 will provide serious, reliable lighting for streets and parking lots.  With advanced controls, a high efficiency luminaire and a fully adjustable panel mount, you will maximize energy collection and output.  With solar lighting, you can avoid trenching, pavement restoration, traffic disruption and re-striping.  Your lighting will be ready to use as soon as they are installed.  This system is available in two versions.  The LFP version features Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that deliver exceptional life in temperate to hot climates.  The AGM version contains Absorbed Glass Mat batteries that weather extreme cold and provide excellent performance in temperate climates.

RFM Performance 190 AGM / LFP

  • Financial Benefits

    • No trenching or wiring costs
    • No re-paving or re-striping
    • Fast and Easy to install


    Community Benefits

    • Uninterrupted lighting during power outages
    • Carbon-Free
    • Effective light pollution control


    Technology Advantages

    • Vandal proof features
    • Advanced SO-Bright MPT Controls
    • Ample battery storage supports higher powered luminaires




  • Applications      

    Roadways and Area Lighting


    Distribution Types          

    IES Types 2s, 2m, 3s, 3m, 4 and 5


    Color Temperature        

    4,000K or 3,000K


    Lumen Range    



    Pole Height / Mounting Height  



    Battery Type     

    • AGM - Deep Cycle AGM
    • LFP – Lithium Iron Phosphate



    Finish (Standard)

    Black, White, Dark Bronze



    LFP - 10-Year System & 10-Year Battery

    AGM - 10-Year System & 5-Year Battery

    • Extended AGM warranty available

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