RFS Design 158 LFP

The RFS Design 158 LFP system is a popular choice for residential street lighting, parks, and for maximizing spacing on residential/intermediate pathways and bikeways. With its patented solar "skin", this light pole generates and safely stores its own energy. This creates a sleek appearance that is not possible with traditional flat panel systems. Because of it's vertical orientation, the panel is inherently protected from hail damage and doesn't collect dirt and debris. 


Not only will you hardly notice the solar collector, but you'll hardly notice the maintenance. This system includes our Lithium Phosphate battery packs which have been field tested in Arizona and carry a 10-year warranty. 


The RFS Design 158 LFP is about more than aesthetics: 

  • Graffiti washes off the ETFE coating on the collector with soap and water. 
  • The battery compartment is protected with a high security bolt system. 
  • Since the collector doesn't use crystalline cells, it can literally take a beating.