The RFS Performance PRO PATH 190 Solar Lighting system hides batteries in a  sleek base for its batteries and controls. In spite of the enclosure's good looks, it's tough on vandalism.  The flush, cast cover and licensed fasteners keep your investment safe.  Our SO-Bright® MPT-15 Controller gives you programming choices, RTE battery protection and on-board diagnostics. The maximum power tracking function will give you a big boost in power too.


With a 15' mounting height, the RFS PRO PATH 190 is ideal for public pathways and bikeways. The integrated enclosure looks great and it protects your investment as well. A limited access security fastener protects your system from vandals and theft.


This system is available in both an LFP version for extra long battery life and an AGM version suitable for below freezing temperatures.

RFS Performance PRO PATH Vandal Proof Base Conceals LFP/AGM Batteries

  • Financial Benefits

    • No trenching or wiring costs
    • No soil remediation
    • Fast and Easy to install


    Community Benefits

    • Uninterrupted lighting during power outages
    • No bulky enclosures
    • Carbon-Free


    Technology Advantages

    • Vandal proof features
    • Advanced SO-Bright MPT Controls
    • Hidden battery compartment




  • Applications

    Trail/ Pathway


    Distribution Types

    IES Types 2s, 2m, 3s, 3m, 4 and 5


    Lumen Range



    Mounting Height



    Battery Type

    RFS Performance PRO PATH 190 LFP - Lithium Iron Phosphate

    RFS Performance PRO PATH 190 AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat


    Finish (Standard Color)




    10 Year System and Battery Warranty with LFP Batteries

    10 Year System and 5-Year Battery Warranty with AGM Batteries

    • Optional extended battery warranty available for AGM Batteries

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