Use this solar assembly to power your solar lighting from a panel on the roof of a shelter or on the side of a wall, This assembly is primarily used on bus shelters, picnic shelters and public gazebos.

RT Solar Panel Kit

  • SolarOne’s RT Series Solar Panel Kits are designed to charge the batteries in SolarOne’s standard Power Centers.  The Solar Kits include arrays from 50W to 390W plus the Solar panels are high-quality poly and mono (see specs) crystalline technology with aluminum frames and standard MC4 plugs.  Mounting kits are polyester powder coated aluminum with stainless steel hardware.




  • Aluminum The mounting kit is constructed from strong 6061 aluminum alloys.
    Stainless Hardware All hardware for the mounting kit is Stainless Steel.
    Aim South The installer should rotate the panel so it faces the direction where it will receive the most sun. This is normally south.
    Tilt The panel is normally titled at an angle equal to the site's latitude +15 degrees for maximum energy collection in the winter.
    Attachment The RT can be attached with screws or bolts. It is up to the installer to provide fasteners that are appropriate for the surface where the RT will be mounted. If roof penetrations are made, it is up to the installer to make sure these are sealed.
    Wire Way It is up to the installer to provide a sealed wire-entry for the solar panel wires.
    MC4 Quick Connectors SolarOne provides all the required cables to wire the solar array to the controller. Industry standard MC4 connectors are used for the solar array for quick, weatherproof installation.
    Polyester Powder Coat All mounting kits are painted with durable TGIC polyester powder coat to match the other components in the system. Standard and custom colors available. Marine grade finish available for extreme environments.
    Sized for Your Location SolarOne will select the right array based on the absolute minimum solar resource for your location. This ensures your system is sized to provide reliable performance all year long.


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