The Smart-Light Double is our most powerful offering.  The Double solar street light features two Power 365 Technology Power Centers to power twin luminaires.  Ideal for parking lot and median street lighting applications.


  • Ultra-High Efficiency Luminaires (up to180 lumens/watt) reduce the amount of energy you need to generate and store
  • Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, Nickel Alloy batteries reliably charge and discharge in extreme heat and cold
  • The Power 365 system can be deeply discharged and still provide 10-year Maintenance Free Performance
  • Anti-Blackout intelligence ensures all night lighting 365 nights a year

Smartlight Double

  • Pole Models RTS140 RTS200 RTS250

    Mounting Heights 14’ 20' 25'
    Tapered Steel Pole    Galvanized and Powder Coated
    Voltage    24V
    Operating Temperature    -40°C to +70°C  (-40°F to +158°F)
    System Warranty    5 years (Full Battery Replacement)
    CE Declaration of Conformity    EC


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