The Smart-Light Single Arm features Power 365 Technology. This versatile solar street light is appropriate for basic pedestrian lighting, solar street lighting applications and for parking lot illumination. 


  • Ultra-High Efficiency LEDs (180 lumens/watt) reduce the amount of energy you need to generate and store
  • Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, Nickel Alloy batteries reliably charge and discharge in extreme heat and cold
  • The Power 365 system can be deeply discharged and still provide 10-year Maintenance Free Performance
  • Anti-Blackout intelligence ensures all night lighting 365 nights a year

Smartlight Single Arm

  • Pole Models   RTS140  RTS200  RTS250

    Mounting Heights 14’ 20' 25'
    Tapered Steel Pole    Galvanized and Powder Coated
    Voltage    24V
    Operating Temperature    -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
    System Warranty    5 years (Full Battery Replacement)
    CE Declaration of Conformity    EC


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