For many projects, the professional services that support a solar lighting product are as important as the product itself.   Here are the services SolarOne can provide for you.

Project Design Services



Lighting Design

SolarOne can help you to layout a project, evaluate luminaire options, and provide suggestions to provide the best project value.                                                                                                         


SolarOne backs up its products with drawings, data sheets, photometric information, and manuals.


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Shading Analysis

SolarOne will support your planning or specification process with energy balance calculations, lighting design, and a shading evaluation specific to your project location. This Virtual Site Analysis (VSA) is custom for every project so you can see the details behind the recommendation. Our analysis is based on industry standards such as IES & CIE, credible climate data sources like NASA & NREL, and over ten years of LED Solar Powered Lighting field experience with municipalities, military bases, and industrial facilities.

System Sizing

Our quotations department provides pricing quotation as well as a performance quotation with calculations based on your project’s specific location and your lighting requirements.

Evaluation And Repair

You can engage our solar engineering team to evaluate system designs or to troubleshoot, repair or upgrade your existing solar lights.

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