Project Questionnaire

Pricing and recommendations for a project

A specification, recommendation, or quotation for a solar lighting system that will provide years of satisfaction should consider geographic location, potential shading, and lighting requirements. This information will enable us to provide enough capacity without over-sizing the assembly, to determine pole characteristics based on wind speeds in the project location, and to provide suggestions and options for your project.

Lighting Design Assistance


For lighting design assistance, please complete the project questionnaire and send a description of your goals and luminaire preference to Please include:

  • Requirements or restrictions on pole height

  • Light levels desired (or IESNA Guideline)

  • Other lighting requirements or restrictions, such as light spill

  • AutoCAD drawing of the site (If an AutoCAD drawing is not available, we may be able to assist you based on site dimensions, a sketch, or a Google Earth location.)


If you have any questions or want more information, please contact SolarOne at (339)-225-4530.