Advances in LED Efficiency, Charging Efficiency, and Lighting Control make SolarOne Street Lights the most viable solution for many types of roadway lighting.


From a 50,000 pole nation-wide highway system in Senagal, to a single fixture at the end of a quiet residential cul-de-sac in Northern California, our customers have found that solar street lights are the right choice.


SolarOne provides lighting designs meeting your own requests or CIE or IESNA lighting guidelines. Luminaires offer fully documented long life and reliability.

Solar street lighting is ideal for aging neighborhoods without underground infrastructure, net zero ready residential developments, and hard to reach rural highways.

Street and Roadway Lighting

Cut Trenching and Wiring Cost | Provide Lighting During Power Outages | Avoid Emissions | Stop Wire Theft


Solar street lighting is not just for the Sun Belt.  At 51 degrees Latitude, SmartLights provide the interchange near Calais' border crossing with reliable lighting 365 days per year.  

How do we know?  Fonroche Connect monitors each system's performance on a daily basis. 

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Neighborhood districts in older areas need street lighting.  They often find the cost of installing grid-tied lighting in and around existing infrastructure too costly.  Solar street lighting eliminates trenching costs and site disruption.  

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The AK Chin Community wanted to provide safe alternatives to driving around its new housing developments.  With no trenching, the Integra solar street light poles were quick, easy and cost effective to install.

LFP batteries keep the cost savings coming.  Their increased heat tolerance reduces maintenance and extends battery life.

Rural Roads / Intersections

According to the NCSL, rural roads carry less than half of America’s traffic yet they account for over half of the nation’s vehicular deaths.

Rural roads, turnouts and intersections can be as hard to reach as they are dangerous.  Commercial Solar Lighting, can reach the most remote location, improving safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Have a solar street lighting project?

Our team of solar lighting specialists are ready to help.  To build a custom proposal we will:

  • Evaluate your needs and preferences

  • Provide an energy analysis

  • Complete a lighting design & rendering

  • Provide a summary proposal

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