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Smartlight Single Arm

Smartlight Single Arm

Smartlight Twin LED

Smartlight Twin LED


Smartlight 365 - Beauty and Power

From it's unique black panel to the new full-cut off fixture, our solar street lights present an elegant appearance day or night.  No hanging wires or bulky battery box.

We use powerful components and smart controls to provide all the energy you need in this sleek package.

You can count on all night lighting all year long.

Power365 - Smart storage and management

The heart of the Smartlight is the Power 365 Power Center.

  • Protection from water and dust ingress

  • Water-tight plug-and-play connectors

  • Superior battery technology for longer life and an attractive profile

  • On-board Anti-Blackout protection

  • LoRa module included for LAN and WAN communications


Power365 - It's a fact!

The biggest maintenance expense associated with solar street lights is battery replacement.

SolarOne's NiMH batteries outperform AGM, Lithium and Gel batteries in the field.  Why?

Charging Temperature:

  • Lithium ion batteries discharge in cold climates but don't accept a charge below freezing.

  • Capacity in cold weather is an issue for both Lithium & Lead Acid

Operating Temperature​:

  • Heat quickly shortens the life of most batteries.  That's why we developed the Power 365's NiMH battery/charging system.  It's built for operating in temperature's of up 150 degrees Fahrenheit!

Every Smartlight is LoRa enabled (Long Range Wireless).  Add an optional gateway to monitor every detail of your lighting project. Schedule programming changes, track energy production, measure carbon off-set and detect faults.

The LoRa wireless capability also enables Local Area Networking communication for diagnostics and on/off commands.


Fonroche Connect - So Smart!

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