SolarOne Announces SO-Simple Municipal Solar Lighting Systems

         SolarOne® Solutions Inc. proudly announces a new category of “SO-Simple” products to provide fully configured solar lighting systems for simple outdoor lighting applications.  SolarOne is known for its ability to offer customized solutions for solar street, area and specialty lighting. With the recent acquisition of Inovus Solar, SolarOne has even more to offer customers and specifiers.  The new SO-Simple category addresses the need for quick selection and specification. The SO-Simple category includes the Performance Series, and the Design Series.

The Performance Series uses traditional flat-plate solar panels and external electrical/battery enclosures while the Design Series features a “Wrapped-Pole”, where the solar panel, battery and controls are all integrated into the pole. 

Both series feature options for Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries with extra-long battery warranties. The first applications addressed by the SO-Simple category include solar powered pedestrian, bike, parking, and roadway lighting.

Although the SO-Simple products allow customers to select and understand systems on their own, SolarOne will still be there to assist with project design. SolarOne offers a unique design service, the “Virtual Site Analysis” that combines shading analysis with photometric design, resulting in the best possible project outcome.

SolarOne will continue to offer custom configured systems using standard sub-assemblies paired with world-class luminaires from world-class manufacturers, such as Philips-Gardco, Philips-Hadco and Philips Lumec. Custom configured systems address common street and area lighting applications as well as commercial grade sign, shelter and flag lighting.