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        Somerville Community Path

Somerville Community Path Lighting - Innovate Mass Project Completion


MassCEC’s support was integral to deploying our next generation of solar-powered street lights in a “living-lab” environment, collecting real-world data and community feedback and facilitating real-time adjustments.  SolarOne’s lights re-lit a dark section of Somerville’s Community Bike Path, which sees roughly 500 bike riders per day.  Though the project is completed, the lights continue to provide safety and security on the path.  Mesh-motion-sensing makes the most of the limited solar access. Central control allows us to monitor the lights on an on-going basis.

Somerville Lines and Lights Installs Helical Piles

May 15, 2015

Somerville Lines and Lights installed Helical Piles to support new solar lighting systems.  The Helical piles "screw" into the ground and replace conventional concrete bases.  Many trail sites were used by trains and or factories in the past and toxic chemicals can be unearthed from beneath the topsoil.  Any contaminated soil that the city digs up must be sent to a specialized incineration facility. If that sounds expensive, you are correct.The helical piles displace only a small amount of topsoil, avoiding the cost of hauling and treating soil.

About the Project

September 5, 2014

The City of Somerville will soon be installing networked solar lighting systems and LED retrofits on the community path between Willow and Cedar St.  SolarOne collaborated with the City of Somerville to win a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center grant to create a “living lab”.  AC and solar lighting systems located along the path will be able to “talk” to one another as well as the cloud through a wireless connection.  This will allow the City to control the lights remotely, to receive e-mail and text alerts if there is an lighting/energy problem and will allow motion sensors to dim an brighten the lights as a group (mesh motion sensing). 


SolarOne will be working to validate algorithms that will measure battery capacity and that will manage the lighting to address shading issues on the path.


The solar lighting will be incremental to the existing lighting, creating a safety net for the pedestrians and bikers on the path.  

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